Saturday, 21 November 2009

Is it Christmas time by any chance?

I suspect that the cheery time of the year has returned once again. There are many signs to indicate this, maybe you've seen them?
Firstly, you will notice that everyone around you will be wearing hats. In this case the phrase 'I don't really suit hats' goes straight out of the window and that 'attractive' black woolly is back in business. Maybe you will think to yourself; 'there is a slight chance that I look a little like a bank robber' won't care because it is keeping those ears nice and toasty.

Secondly, the town lights are up, ready and waiting for their countdown. The anticipation of the 'switching on' is in fact the most exciting time, although one cannot neglect to mention that inspirational speech given by that 'famous person' that you can't actually see or hear. Still, the atmosphere is festive.
The lights are on and out flows the 'ooos' and 'aaahs'. The realisation that we've waited in the cold for someone to flip a light switch soon hits but the confusion is met with the smell of roasted chestnuts and all is well again.

Another favourite reminder of the jovial season is the sheer stupidity of the spending!. Recession? Really? I was queueing (a great British past time, a skill perfected during these festive times) and I was witness to a horror unbeknown to many, someone spending £36 pounds on stamps! STAMPS! Ok maybe it is simply the debt-laiden student talking but during such times as 'The Crunch' that price tag scares me ever so slightly. Surely Christmas emails could be the solution to that financial problem and there would most certainly be a forest somewhere just greatful that its not that years mantlepiece decor. And they say Winchester has a mammoth carbon footprint, where ever did they get that idea?
I suppose there is also the option of actually giving people their over-priced Christmas cards in person but that's just silly talk.

After my 'stamp' trauma I've decided to root for the homemade card this year; the personal, creative and cheaper alternative. Although, if I don't see you, unfortunately you won't get it, but definitely know that the thought was there.

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  1. I really like your photos Maxy, amazing colours and great sharpnes! I didn't know that you like photography too, we should have a photography session sometimes and if I know of any events worth taking pictures of I will definitely let you know XXX